Moringa Leaf Powder Skin Beauty & Health Benefits Know About.

The Beauty of Moringa Leaf Powder

Since beauty and wellness are so integrated especially now that people want that natural glow, a sign of radiant healthy skin, I thought I’d start the wellness section with something that’s right under our nose in India and yet still not as well known as something as common as broccoli for its health benefits. Let’s talk about Moringa leaf powder which should be included in the category of superfood since it’s so dense in nutrients and easy to add to your diet, use in smoothies or soups.

Moringa has been used in the rural areas of India and Africa to combat malnutrition so many see it as a miracle tree. It seems quite appropriate since Moringa has over 90 nutrients, vitamins, mineral, amino acids, live enzymes and it’s very rich in antioxidants. Almost every beauty product seems to boast of antioxidants now!
I discovered it when I was looking for something that could boost my mother stamina since she was going through a fragile period with her health having active ulcerative colitis and as a result was anaemic plus she had poor blood circulation. I needed something that was bio-available, easily absorbed, was energizing and wouldn’t a reaction to all the allopathic medicine she was prescribed. I thought Moringa leaf was a good addition to help strengthen and repair her system.


Just to give you an idea of its nutrient profile:

1. It has 9 times the protein of Greek yogurt, great for skin and hair. For vegetarians and vegans, it’s a great addition since it has one of the highest levels of protein in the plant kingdom
2. 12 times more vitamin C than oranges, helps build collagen to keep your skin looking firm and wrinkle free
3. 3 times more vitamin A than carrots
4. High in fiber for a healthy gut, which keeps your skin bright and clear
5. Alkalizes your whole system which is said to reduce changes of diseases developing
6. More iron than spinach.

It’s really like taking a natural multi-vitamin pill, it helps strengthen the immune system and boosts your energy level. It also is a mood elevator since it increases the serotonin level in the body. However, like most things natural, it’s not like popping a pill and getting instant results, consistency and patience are key. I was so impressed with my mom’s progress that I’ve also started adding it to my diet as good measure, my thinking is why not benefit from if there aren’t any real side effects. I go the extra step and make sure that the moringa leaf powder I buy is certified organic. I mean if you’re going to make a commitment to add it to your routine for good health, doesn’t it seem logical to make sure its pesticide free!

I started with a ½ teaspoon a day and have gradually built up to 1 ½ which is approximately the recommended dose to make sure you benefit from its powerhouses of nutrients. You can’t really even taste it when you add it to a smoothie as I do. Maybe we’ll be smearing it on our faces soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone started a whole skin care line based on Moringa since it combines many of the good ingredients we already see on the beauty shelves!


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