Colon HydroTherapy Mumbai, Colonic Cleansing, Ageless Clinic, Review.

For The Good of Your Gut

Di Caprio does it.Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it .Madonna and Britney have been getting the treatment done for years. Many celebrities and people in general do this every time there is a change in season.
As much as we discuss and debate products, brands and services, it important to have an inside-out approach when it comes to skin health, beauty and wellness.

When it comes to certain aspects of our individual wellbeing, the old age “your body is your temple” will always ring true.

Colonic Cleansing or Colon Hydro Therapy is nothing new and is a principal treatment at some of the best wellness clinics in the world, from Austria to United States and Thailand.

At the Ageless Clinic, Mumbai they offer the same in the form of Ageless Hydro Detox Therapy. Its definitely something to shout about as its comes with a multiple benefits in the long term which assist and bring out the most of the products we discuss and review here at Imperfekt Beauty. I’m going to be busting myths, walking you through the short 30 min procedure and reiterate why most people should try it.Although colonic irrigation doesn’t sound pleasant at first it is a very relaxing procedure assisted by through professionals and the point is to remove waste, which can be toxic to the body. It took more than 2 weeks to get an appointment, and with our “on the go” lifestyles and travel, cleaning the body of wastes that accumulate over time has run on benefits as you’ll see shortly.

At the clinic I had opted for the Ageless Hydro Detox Therapy, which uses both the latest and safest technology and is FDA Approved. Why I also recommended this therapy is because people I’ve interacted with have mentioned aided weight loss, increased energy, reduced bloating, clearer cleaner skin and reduced acne. An airline pilot I had spoken with had lost 7 kilograms post a few sessions and had no reasons continue the medication he was taking at the time. Needless to say one should consult their doctor if they do have a severe problem. There is also a doctor who guides you through the procedure and a therapist with you at all times.

When it comes to a procedure like this needless to say safety, hygiene and privacy are paramount. The Ageless clinic uses all disposable and sterile equipment as well as automatic temperature cut off and multi-stage water filtration. This is because the Angel of Water, a state of the art system from the US is used.

With serene melodies playing in the background one can get through the procedure whilst reading a book, surfing on their ipad or replying to emails on their phones. There is a mirror reflecting the water mechanism so the client can see the toxins being removed from their body.

If uncomfortable at any point, the therapist present makes sure your wellness is paramount. Every client has a ringer right by them, which alerts the therapist in case of any discomfort.This is really common procedure worldwide and I personally feel its just less talked about in India. There area few common myths in regards to a colon irrigation and I’m happy to breakdown the most frequently asked:

Firstly, the entire colon is cleansed of all wastage and colon irrigation is not the same as an enema. “1 colon irrigation is equivalent to 30 enemas”. Secondly, the treatments are not painful whatsoever. I personally found them very rejuvenating and refreshing. Yes you can do this quick treatment during your lunch break and get back to work right after. I did. Moreover Colon Hydrotherapy is much easier and safer than an enema and should be done more than we normally do considering our ever-changing lifestyles. The only consideration to keep in mind is to not eat 2 hours prior to the treatment. Other than that you have to literally just sit back and relax.

Personally I would definitely do something like this at least once every 6 months. I know people who do multiple sessions and the Ageless Clinic in Mumbai does offer packages. Post the session I was given electrolytes and some time to rest (although the treatment itself made me feel highly rejuvenated).

Inner health is as imperative a focus for our team at Imperfekt Beauty as is anything else we recommend and review, and this is definitely a treatment worth doing when it comes down to fundamental lifestyle changes trying to implemented.

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