Organic Riot Review, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free Skin Care Product.

Organic Riot, The New Age Beauty Brand

RIOT:   1.1: An uproar.

         1.2: Proliferate or spread uncontrollably.

The above definitions are those provided by the Oxford English Dictionary. At Imperfekt Beauty we are always looking for avant-garde brands and formulations that provide a note worthy value addition whist also having a differentiator catering to the Indian market.

Indian Beauty can be a very perplexing space. Consumers are inundated with multiple product lines that can lead to of mindset of being more averse or apathetic towards a certain brand. Four Anti Pigmentation creams, Three Toners and Five cleansers. Even for a skin aficionado and expert the choice is not always easy.

For me it’s like getting into a large supermarket and I’m so confused I just leave without buying anything. Or…. purchase and use everything I’m not supposed too. Either way I know ill be making a trip straight back through the isles to get exactly what I was initially looking for. Skincare is not so different.

So with a new market entrant, minimalistic yet sophisticated, young, still refined; a brand that is set to disrupt the Indian skin care market by targeting e specific concerns and yet only focusing on efficacy and consumer education, needless to say we at Imperfekt Beauty were pretty excited to be a part of the brand story.

I personally perceive a riot in the Indian Skincare market as a very positive predicament. Just when we thought the Japanese who are the kings of R & D in skincare and formulations, with South Korea now following through with K – Beauty, one would think an Indian brand is light years behind.

For the discerning consumer, we are about to be light years ahead and all thanks to Organic Riot and Siddharth Somaiya, the Founder. The brand story is as exciting as any article I have written, and a very progressive, radical and honest movement has just hit the Indian subcontinent.


Siddharth was supplying raw materials of the highest quality to some of the best companies in the world. However in doing so he realized that none of best products were being sold in India. In trying to bridge that gap he decided to take on this endeavor himself. Humectant, an ingredient known for preserving moisture and used by most of the worlds leading brands is normally derived from synthetics worldwide. Organic Riot procures theirs from an entirely ECOCERT / COSMOS supply chain. Just a small differentiator in which the founder has gone through great lengths, from the farms of New Zealand, to South America and even our Western Ghats here in India, a lot of the specific formulations have won Super Hero Awards for their ingredients. There is accountability and trace ability of each Raw Material being Organic or “ owning a formula is the key to future proofing” says Siddharth when discussing more about his movement which I feel is going to soon turn into a full fledged skin care crusade.

After researching 100 different products from approximately 20 different brands, the team behind the riot learned that at least 1 ingredient was either carcinogenic or a hormone disruptor. That’s when Siddharth believed that being “hyper safe and honest” to the end consumer with complete transparency (as one can see from their visually aesthetic packaging wherein every ingredient in the formulation is mentioned) is paramount.

The Riot is just that: a gentle movement against everything that is unsafe. Which is why there was three years of intense R & D prior to launch. It is that which makes the products revolutionary and accessible when it comes to even pricing and placates the end consumer through efficacy and safety.

I was stoked to meet Siddharth in person and really work my way through each of the products within his line. What I appreciated and its something different to nearly every brand experience I have had, is the number of products. A small but specific range targeting most concerns an Indian consumer would normally have.  When Organic Riot ran a large scaled survey they found that the customer is ideally looking for two solutions. 1) Something that is suited to their skin type and 2) Value for money.


Siddharth wants his brand to be the backbone of Indian skincare with a targeted approach.

Zap, Dazzle, Spotlight and Smog-Block is what currently make up the Organic Riot range. The simplicity and communication in the product name itself was something I could directly link to a skin concern.

Zap an invisible gel based cream with a very smooth texture that immediately gets absorbed into the skin specifically targets Acne. One literally needs a very small amount of product, which would suffice for the entire face. With zero fillers and Super Hero Ingredients like Manuca and Tamanu Oil, it is packed with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties that promote cell growth and Tamanu Oil can be used to sooth even extreme skin conditions.


What I really liked about the product apart from the absorption and almost cooling effect left by Zap, was that it was completely non-drying, unlike most acne solutions which can leave the skin to be almost thirsting for moisture.

I have accompanied a family member to a dermat wherein he was prescribed a basket of products for anti pigmentation. Also do keep in mind most anti pigmentation treatments require return visits, which are frequent and can take between weeks and months to show real results.


Dazzle by Organic Riot works wonders in no time and I’m not using hyperbole here. Whether your 18 or 80 it will show results as the creamy serum can be accompanied with a sun block. One doesn’t need to even use a day cream when using dazzle and its also great for really dry skin. With ECOCERT Licorice extract (which has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for years)accompanied by Kiwi Seed oil and Moringa, it’s a one stop shop in fighting wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and is loaded with anti oxidants that prevent skin aging.



Its almost like Organic Riot had a bespoke line curated for me. I play a lot of football and always have really dry elbows, hands and knees. Many a time I’ve had to buy a separate hand cream and something else for my body. Spotlight is an all in one organic and concentrated formulation. (It has double the amount of any kiwi and grape due to its extraction process). Complemented by Mango Butter and Tamanu oil, the wound healing and rejuvenating properties for dead skin cells, this product is a staple in my kit bag.



When I moved here for New York and even coming back from Europe a couple of years ago the first thing you realize on being back is. …Well its not the noise, it’s not the traffic (that’s a constant), it’s the worsening air quality and pollution.  Keeping consistent with their targeted approach another product my face and I don’t leave home without is Smog-Block. A daily moisturizer and pollution protector I sometimes mix it with a sunblock. Cold pressed Rosehip Oil extracted under 60 degrees Celsius packed with Vitamins A, B and K fight free radicals present in pollution along with regenerating and moisturizing the skin. It also has Capuacu Butter from Brazil, which improves skin elasticity, tone and texture.



To me brand packaging is very important and Siddharth’s degree in painting definitely led to his packaging inputs as far as color is concerned. Organic Riot uses Recycled paper in all of its packaging and the brand is distilling Indian aesthetics into color. Actual Color Theory was used whilst coming up with the packaging that reiterates the brands attention to detail. Personally you can place the packaging on your shelf and it comes across as an art installation.

Siddharth passionately believes in the “education of young consumers” and the fact that he is “an educator that happens to have products.” Organic Riot is in no hurry to add to their product line just yet and this honest crusade, which is supposed to be a gentle riot, only seems to garner more following and support in the future.

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