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If there is a singular product or product range I ‘was’ lost for choice in, it’s Beard Oils (and then some). If we look at the FY: 2018-2019, Indian men’s skincare market you would see a burgeoning growth in beard oils because of the following:

  1. Amount of new Beard Brands.
  2. Beard Products ranging from (1- 12).
  3. Price levels for the same product changing drastically.

I grow a beard. So what do I really need, what do I really buy, and coming down to the crux. What Really Matters?

Most brands that have launched in India have welcomed large amounts of success marketing to an audience age 18 – 50, with low price points and a variety of value adds. However, having travelled and still, in the process of growing my beard, I’m quite aware of what works and what one can definitely save on to invest in different skincare.


Beard Oils, Beard Shampoos, Beard Conditioners, Beard Moisturizers, Beard Serums, Beard Growth Oils and Beard Gels. Sounds like a very expensive investment. Most brands would like the consumer to complement one with the other. Or amalgamate all together.

But the question is what does one really need and why? Firstly, growing a beard is an investment. It takes desire, care and passion with a sense of continuous upkeep. The most imperative product for beard growth is beard oil and nothing else; this has the ability to smoothen, nourish and tame a beard no matter what the length.

This is why our specialists at Imperfekt Beauty have cut through the noise to let you know the WHY because for the mother of all your beard care you just have to invest in one product. Beard Oil serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. But we do break it down to its fundamentals and here’s a great guide forward.

Beard oils are made out of two types of oils Carrier and Essential Oils:

The Carrier oil is where the magic happens. It is that ingredient that has the ability to turn a dull beard into a rich and full one. It “carries” the Essential oil and keeps it from causing you irritation. The carrier oils that have the nourishing, moisturizing effect and adopt the hair growth from the pores. Some of the most popular carrier oils are coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and grapeseed oil. All these oils even in skincare have had results to be very moisturizing and have a coolant effect on the skin.

When you look to by a Beard oil look for Coconut, Jojoba and Argan Oil as a ‘Carrier’. Always look for the ingredients to see what the Carrier oil contains.

Coming to the secondary and Essential Oil. ‘Essential Oils’ are mixed with carrier oils and sometimes can be highly potent (hence there are a lot of customers who get allergic reactions). Essential oils carry the perfume as well as some antiseptic properties. Most Essential Oils are just used for the sake of fragrance and need a perfect Carrier oil for a perfect amalgamation. Yes, Lavender, Sandalwood and Tea Tree can also cause skin irritation, if not mixed with the correct Essential Oil.

So having tried nearly 9 different brands and 24 different products, if your looking to grow your beard the only thing you need is good beard oil. Unlike most recommendations, I would highly tell my readers to use it not just once but also twice a day, especially before sleeping. Your skin and body both rejuvenate whilst you’re asleep and adding Beard Oil after you wash at night makes a massive difference.



If you have a short beard, which you intend to grow further, I highly recommend “L’Oreal Short Beard & Face Moisturizer”. This is from their Barbers Club, and unlike a lot of products, you can use it as a face and beard moisturizer without making your skin look too oily (which men’s beard oils usually do).

If you have a long length beard, what I use is “L’Oreal Long Beard and Skin Oil”. 2 – 3 pumps along with your daily moisturizer and your “beard to go”.


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