Squalane Oil Skin Care Benefits, Product Reviews, How To, Advantages.

Squalane Oil

If you have oily skin or tend to have issues with congestion, large pores and acne, you probably stay away from skin care products that mention the word “oil”. I’m going to turn your thinking upside down by telling you there are a few really beneficial oils for those who have overactive oil glands. But first, let’s get one thing straight, oily skin doesn’t equal a hydrated complexion, its a misconception, so many people skip the moisturizing thinking their skin can’t handle it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repeated this to people but you can have an oily skin condition yet still be dehydrated which can leave your skin looking dull and lifeless. It’s about getting the balance right to get that healthy glow.

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Now that we have that sorted, let me continue by saying one of the oils you should actually look out for in your products is squalane (not to be mistaken for squalene) since it closely mimics our skin’s natural oils so its readily absorbed and lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a layer on your face. Today most Squalane Oil is derived from vegetable sources like olives or sugarcane. Not all oils are created equally even if they are natural, for example, there’s a lot of hype about coconut oil and its benefits for skin but it can be too heavy for some skin types causing blocked pores and other skin ailments, in other words, it can be comedogenic. The advantage of squalane is that it works with all skin types and its emollient, its very effective in keeping your skin hydrated and looking fresh and healthy.


Other Advantages of Squalane Oil:

◦ antibacterial
◦ Protects skin from oxidative damages
◦ Doesn’t aggravate sensitive skin
◦ No irritating fragrance, it’s basically odourless and also colourless
◦ Actually helps regulate overactive oil glands.

Squalane Oil can be used alone, a few drops do the trick, you only need a thin layer or for a boost, especially during the dryer months just add it to your own moisturizer to give it that extra protection. I tend to add it to my BB cream or sometimes I add a few drops to my sunscreen when I reapply if my skin is feeling especially tight during the day. If you tend to suffer from breakouts and blackheads, a combination that works really well to clear things up without stripping your complexion dry like so many over the counter products is Squalane Oil mixed with a few drops of moringa oil. The squalane keeps skin supple while the moringa purifies and battles the breakouts and clogged pores. Moringa oil is also a natural way to fade acne scars which can be tell-tale signs long after the breakout has disappeared. I’m a big fan of both these natural remedies to keep your complexion in great condition!


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