Monsoon Skin Care 2019, DIY, Tips, Natural, Rainy Season, Guide.

Monsoon Skin Care 2019

Natural Remedy for Oily Skin Care During Monsoon

Though the monsoon rains brings along the much-needed break from the scorching hot summers. It increases the plight for people with oily and combination skin and yet is a good season for those with dry skin, keeping their skin hydrated.

Here are some great natural remedies for healthy monsoon skin care.


Oily Skin

Oily skin and combination skin feels more stickier this time of the year, increasing the possibilities of breakouts.

Apply the below tonic with cotton wool on the skin up to 3 times a day to reduce the stickiness.

Add 1 teaspoon of powdered Camphor and 1 teaspoon of Dried Mint powder into a bottle of 150ml of Rose Water.

Mix and store in a refrigerator and use as needed.



The stickiness from the humidity leads to the woes of breakouts and pimples. The skin needs to be kept clean and prevent the pores from clogging up.

Mix 2 teaspoon of Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) with a pinch of Clove Powder and 1 drop of Neem Oil, add a little water to make a smooth paste.

Apply this mask on the face avoiding the eye area, leave on for 10mins and gently remove with tepid water. This will leave the skin feeling smooth and glowing.


Open Pores

Open pores commonly seen on people with oily skin makes the skin feel and look uneven.  These pores can get clogged with the bacterial build-up on the epidermal layer, causing breakouts and spots.

Rub a slice of cold Tomato over the skin. Tomatoes are naturally acidic and help to tighten the pores, leaving the skin feeling smoother and brighter.


Comdedones (Blackheads and Whiteheads)

Whether it’s not possible to go for regular clean-ups at a salon or to maintain the results of a professional facial, you should exfoliate at home up to twice a week using natural remedy.

Squeeze juice from half a Lemon, add a tablespoon of Honey and add a teaspoon of granulated Sugar, gently rub this mixture over your skin in circular movement for about 1 minute. Leave on skin for further 2 minutes and then rinse with tepid water.

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