Marc Anthony Body Lotion Review, Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter.

Marc Anthony 100% Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Shea Butter Body Lotion

A Surprising Find

Finding a good body butter, cream or lotion seems to be more of a difficult task for me then finding a good moisturizer for my face. The first ones I rule out are those that seem to have nothing but chemicals or advertise something natural on the label just for the sake of marketing. I’m am enthusiastic label reader so a picture of a green aloe leaf on the front of the container doesn’t fool me. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so the thought of applying too many artificial chemicals doesn’t make me feel comfortable. The second hurdle is finding a body moisturizer that doesn’t feel like its glueing me to my clothes and I don’t have the patience to wait more than 5 minutes to dress after applying. The third thing I demand in a moisturizer is that it constantly works to hydrate my skin, not just for the first few minutes after applying. The other issue I have with buying body hydrators is that the quantity that you actually get is ridiculous considering it’s for the whole body, that’s a lot of skin. Assuming you shower once a day, most brands give provide you with relatively delicate quantities, they don’t last too long. Since I like to try and bathe twice a day living in the midst of pollution and concrete, you can imagine how much I must go through.

So far it probably seems the purpose of my article is about venting but it’s really quite the opposite. I’m actually thrilled that I found a body lotion that meets my criteria and that too, quite by chance. We all like pleasant surprises! Anyway, I happened to be flying the next day and suddenly discovered I was all out.  I never get on a long haul flight without slathering a good amount of cream all over my body otherwise my skin feels dry and irritated after a long haul flight. At 11 pm the only place I found open was a pharmacy so I had no option but to make my choice from what was available. I found the usual drugstore brands with ingredients that sound like a chemistry lecture. Then suddenly I came across one that said that it’s made from 100% extra virgin coconut oil and shea butter with no parabens, sulfates or phthalates. I had never heard of the brand before but decided by process of elimination this was going to be the one. I wasn’t concerned about the experiment, told myself I only have to use it this once, something is better then nothing at all and it wasn’t that expensive that I’d feel guilty if I never used it again. I was only focused on getting through the flight.



As soon as I finished my shower and towelled myself dry, I applied my new beauty buy while my skin was still damp, a good tip for using the minimum amount of product and achieving maximum absorption. I instantly fell in love with the aroma. It was so coconutty, it reminded me of a creamy coconut dessert I once had in Thailand. I seriously felt like licking the lotion! Three or four pumps is all I really needed, I really liked the consistency, it wasn’t too runny or too thick. It went on smoothly, absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling so soft. I kept touching my skin, I loved how it felt and didn’t have to wait long for any stickiness to disappear. The best part and the real test was that when I got off the flight I still felt my skin was hydrated and soft. I’ve paid 3 times the price for luxury body hydrators which don’t live up to the Marc Anthony 100% extra virgin coconut oil body lotion.

The only downside is the packaging, with the pump bottle you’ll never be able to get every bit out at the end so there’s some wastage, and it’s too good to waste. It does come in a small tub which eliminates that problem but the quantity is less and slightly more expensive, also more difficult to find. However, I think it says it all when I say I’m in no rush to move onto my next body cream experiment.

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