Dermalogica New Product 2019, Phyto Nature Firming Serum Reviews.

Dermalogica’s New Global Launch

One of the new international launches by Dermalogica we’re excited about is the Phyto Nature Firming Serum. True to the Dermalogica brand they formulate products using cutting edge science combined the benefits of active ingredients from nature.  However on first sight what’s not Dermalogica is the new packaging. Unlike the brands classical, clean and easily identifiable look, the new serum’s trendy sapphire purple colour may jump out at you but unless you know the product, you won’t immediately identity it as Dermalogica. As long as the product performs, I can bring myself to ignore the packaging.


The Phyto Nature Firming Serum is supposed to address two main issues of skin ageing, lifting and firming. If these are of concern to you this new product might be worth the investment, it’s a bit more on the pricier side for the brand. Anyway we all know that ageing is not just a genetic thing but lifestyle plays a big part in maintaining your skins natural youthfulness. The serum claims that with continued use, the multiple varieties of peptides used in the formula can take 5 years off your visible age and can reverse the damage caused by sun exposure, smoking, lack of sleep and poor diet. BTW the new word to add to your beauty vocabulary to indicate exposure to lifestyle elements is “exposome”. Anyway the serum is intended to take your skin back to its more youthful version over time. However the effects of the new generation of hyaluronic acid (which gives our skin its plumpness) combined with the super nutrient Camu Camu plant found in the Amazon gives immediate filler like effect on first application.



The canister holds two different liquids, one is water based and the other is oil based so when you pump it out you have to kind of mix them in your hands before you apply. This eliminates the need for added emulsifiers since water and oil don’t mix without a little help. On first test, the serum feels really smooth and absorbs easily without any oily residue or film. It gives the skin a fresh, radiant glow and an immediate boost of hydration. For those of you who have sensitive skin and can’t use retinol or acids, this maybe a good alternative for its anti ageing benefits. The global launch just happened on August 28th so it’s too early to tell whether the Phyto Nature Firming Serum will make it on the list of Dermalogica’s cult products. We’ll keep you updated on the India launch date but till then start digging out those photos to take the 5 year challenge!

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