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The Bobbi Brown Masterclass

The Best Takeaways From The Make-up Maestro

Bobbi Brown’s Masterstroke takeaways are similar to mantras from most very successful self-made entrepreneurs.

With maybe the exception of Makeup, her focus on continuous learning, inner health, honesty and transparency, Work Life balance and client satisfaction almost feels like your reading a Jack Welch biography or something from Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

It was more than just makeup, which gave her master class a holistic approach

At Imperfekt Beauty, we have some fundamental factors on both makeup and life from Bobbi Brown’s Masterstroke at the Indian Makeup Show 2019

Lighting: “Lighting is everything in makeup. It has to be correct.” Unlike others, she does her actors or models makeup on set with full lighting. She will not compromise with makeup in a vanity van or green room and believe it’s the most imperative aspect.

“Be Yourself, True to your skin.” Not only in regards to life but with Base Colors. A base colour has to be closest to your skin colour. Not lighter or darker. The right base colour is the “foundation” (no pun intended) for an overall great look.

Not a fan of contouring. I really like the fact that Bobbi Brown believes that everyone should embrace his or her own face shape and skin tone, as it’s his or her identity. She tries to refrain from contouring whenever possible and bring out the best from a genuine palate.

-Humility and Honesty are paramount. One can learn from every single look they create. Look for that one mistake you might have made and correct it in time

Inside Out Approach: She is an avid believer that a healthy lifestyle is not just using face washes, fancy creams and makeup but making lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and not smoking etc.

“Squared Eyebrows”: Bobbi prefers doing squared rather than round eyebrows gives more strength to the face.

Mascara Layering: Layering Mascara provides depth and Bobbi has a preference towards Black Mascaras. For Tamannaah Bhatia, she uses Chanel Volume Revolution.

Pencil: Bobbi emphasises the fact that a pencil should be a shade closest to the lipstick colour one is wearing so it seams seamless.

Blush: Should be applied from the apple of the cheek and always moved upwards to get both the correct and right amount of blend. Bobbi also used some blush on the lips and eyelids.

“Foundation is not a Masque” When it comes to foundation the idea of foundation is to give the impression of no makeup and even out the skin. Too much foundation can make the model or actor look very artificial. It should disappear into the client’s skin. Foundations with Powder built in are better for an Indian climate as they tend to stay longer on the skin than just a creamy texture

The importance of Coconut Oil: Bobbi Browns go to for removing makeup is coconut due to its numerous skin benefits.

To create to look on Tamannaah Bhatia a variety of brands were used along with BB, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills for brows, NARS for Blush, RMS and Everything Foundation Pencils.

Making mistakes is ok according to Bobbi Brown as that how one can sometimes improvise and find alternative solutions. An example is when she used mahogany mascara for giving a darker lipstick when a client wanted a particular colour and she had forgotten to carry the right palette.

Bobbi likes to build up a face piece by piece and always start with anything natural and closely related to the models face. She also mentions that constant interactions with the model on how they are feeling, what mood they are in and conversing with the client will give her a feel for what look to go for.

Bobbi ends with something again which is echoed by the Obamas other very successful individuals. “Balance Work and Family”. Nothing comes in easy in life and having equilibrium between the two creates a landscape in which anyone both can flourish which eventually leads to a sense of self-satisfaction and appreciation from those around you.

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