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One on One with Rakul Preet

The first thing that struck me about Rakul Preet, even before I met her, was her vast experience in the Indian film industry and she isn’t even 30 yet! For those of you who think that she’s new, she’s only new to Bollywood but that’s backed up with an already successful career in South films. Rakul’s third  Bollywood film, De De Pyar De is just about to release in May with leading actors Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra.


I got an opportunity to speak with her when she was the showstopper at The Bombay Times Fashion Week for the athleisure couture brand FKNS by Narendra Kumar.  I had to do the interview while ace make-up artist Clint Fernadez prepared her for the show. Since Rakul obviously has a packed schedule, straight from walking the ramp at the St. Regis, she had to do a quick change and dash to the Filmfare awards at Jio Gardens.


When Rakul entered for make-up the first thing that Clint said to her is “I won’t have to work too hard on you, you have great skin”.  Women being women we always tend to quickly point out our perceived flaws and to that Rakul told Clint that he’ll have to do a good job concealing her dark circles. Clint’s immediate reaction to that was “I don’t see them!”  While I was listening to this first interaction between them I was thinking that Clint’s given me the perfect opening for my interview.


The first thing I asked her was about how she keeps her skin looking so good. Rakul told me that exercise is a big part of her life, she feels it’s not only about the body, but it also keeps her skin and hair in the best possible condition. She admits she really enjoys exercise, working up a sweat, it’s almost like an addiction. As far as her daily skin care routine is concerned Rakul says she’s really particular about it.In the morning the first thing she does it splash her face with cold water, a quick refresh that instantly perks up her skin. Since she’s shooting a lot the only thing she wears before getting out of the house is a moisturizer on her face, an under eye cream and SPF is a must. The rest is taken care of by the make-up artists on set. She said that usually for the red carpet she doesn’t mind experimenting with colour otherwise her personal make-up is more natural. One of the new discoveries she was gushing about was the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer which she says never budges. She pairs it with Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which is one of her favourites.Rakul said that one rule that she has is that no matter what time she gets home, could even be 4 a.m., she never skips her night time beauty regime. After taking off any residue of dirt and make-up, she uses the Kiehls Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate, the Kielhs creamy eye treatment with avocado or if not that she sometimes uses a special virgin coconut oil that she gets from Kerala. Despite having her favourite tried and tested beauty products, Rakul says she also has some home remedies that work well for her skin like the traditional combination of besan, turmeric, yogurt, lime and she also sometimes applies fresh fruit to her skin, whatever she maybe having at the time, papaya, banana, etc.

When I got to the question of hair Rakul gave an exasperated sigh and followed up with “my hair is a bit unruly but it works well for styling”. She admits she keeps changing shampoos but her conditioner and heat protection are Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique. She says she never oils her hair but the intention is always there. I’m thinking with her on the go schedule she’s still very disciplined about her beauty regime.In between, we had some pleasant chit chat about her background and she mentions that she’s actually from Delhi but her home is Hyderabad, she also has a house in Mumbai. However, Mumbai is where her work is at the moment and she seems to be getting quite ingrained as a Bollywood regular with each passing film so maybe Mumbai will also seem like home soon! It was during this interaction that I actually got to the root of the effortless precision with which she forges through her daily schedule, Rakul is an army child, which reveals a great deal about her professionalism and her sharp timings. Did I forget to mention that when she said she’ll report for make-up at 5:30, she meant on the dot!

Rakul’s manager got us back on track when she asked her she’d like to eat anything while her make-up was being applied, but Rakul refused saying she’s carrying her dinner with her. That’s an immediate clue that she’s particular and health conscious. When I questioned her about it she readily admitted that she eats very healthy and doesn’t care for junk food. Recently she’s also given up on dairy and gluten.  Once in a while, if she’s tempted to have some yogurt with her paratha’s she doesn’t deny herself but on the whole feels better on this new routine. She enjoys her fresh fruits and loves avocados so much so that she eating one a day. Rakul is also particular about taking her supplements, vitamins and antioxidants as a boost to her normal regime, she says it maintains collagen for good skin. Since I was now on more familiar terms having interrogated her for the last 45 minutes, I was bold enough to ask her that if I opened up her purse right now, what beauty products would I find. The first thing she pipes up is her lip balm, she loves Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm and buys loads at a time just so that she never runs out of stock, she also has a Bobby Brown Skin Foundation stick, MAC Satin lipstick Twig, La Shield Sunscreen Gel and the Benefit Cosmetics Hoola quickie contour stick for contouring. As I finished my interview and left Clint continuing with her make-up, I remember thinking as I walked out that she was really open and easy to talk to but the impression that stayed with me was that even though the show started late (not because of her) and she had to make a dart to Filmfare, she never flew off the handle or became difficult even though she’s stickler for time. Very seldom do you see that as a celebrity quality.

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