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Your Best Brows

“Your brows introduce you before you speak”

They play a crucial role in defining our personality and can alter our appearance.

Have you ever realized when you are attracted to a beautiful painting in a room? What’s the first thing that strikes you about it? It’s the frame of the painting if the frame is well finished and well shaped it adds a certain value to it. On the other hand, an ugly frame on a beautiful painting can make the whole painting look unattractive.

That’s exactly what eyebrows do to a person’s face. It is the frame to the most important and prominent feature on a person’s face and that’s the eyes. They not only accentuate the eyes but also the shape of the face.

Eyebrows are a naturally protecting feature on our face, their biological function is to prevent sweat and dust particles to fall directly in the eyes. Agreed not everyone is born with a perfectly great pair of manicured eyebrows but “eyebrows are one thing you can get in shape without exercising”

We Indians are blessed with a thick pair of eyebrows which the world is aspiring for and have to go through rigorous procedures like microblading to get them right. We on the other hand only require to shape them right through the various available methods.

Next obvious question is how do we decide what is the right shape for us that can flatter our eyes. We have to remember that there isn’t one perfect eyebrow shape, you have to establish the right shape for you by examining your face and eye shape because both of them have to be complementary to each other.

Here’s a list to help you recognize your face shape and decide the perfect shape for your eyebrows.


Heart-Shaped Faces

-Cheeks are wider than the hair

-Narrow and pointed chin

-Widow’s peak

Slightly curved but not very arched eyebrows will be perfect for you. Since a highly arched brow will make your face look very pointy and softly rounded curved eyebrows will create a softer heart shaped look which will enhance the heart shape.


Square Shaped Faces

-The width of the hairline and jawline are even

-The face is equally long and wide

Since this kind of a face already has sharp and has defined angles, the brows should be softened and contrasted with a more rounded look.


Rectangular Shaped Faces

-The width of the hairline and the jawline are even

-The face is longer than it’s wide

For the face to appear less elongated, go for a flat eyebrow shape as it will create the illusion of a shorter face or give a slight curve if you want the face to appear a little rounded.


Rounded Face

-The face is equally long and wide

-No major points or angles

-Rounded chin and jawline

A sharp brow with an arch that gives the brow some lift would be best suited to this kind of face shape.


Oval Shaped Faces

-Length is 1.5 times more than the width

-The face is not angled but softly rounded on the sides

A soft angled brow would compliment this face shape perfectly.


Long Faces

-In these cases, the length of the face is twice its width

A brow with an elongated tail or simply a straight brow will balance out the features of this kind of shape and make the face appear shorter.


Diamond Shaped Faces

-The hairline is narrower than the cheeks

-Chin is pointier

A curved brow will help cutting down on the wideness of the face and create a balance

For the perfect length try to remain close to the natural shape of your eyebrows. Find the beginning of the brow by holding a brow pencil vertically at the middle of each nostril and then mark that spot for later reference. Pivot the pencil to the outer corner of your iris to find your arch and again make a mark. To find the tail end of your arch, swing the pencil until it grazes the outer corner of your eye and mark it.

For a clean trimmed shape, brush up the brow hair with a spoolie brush and one hair at a time trim the overgrown hair.

Plucking, threading, tweezing, waxing- choose any way to trim your eyebrows. But always remember to prep your skin by applying some talc or oil for better lubrication, also you can rub some ice to numb the area temporarily so that you don’t feel any pain and soothe the redness or soreness if any by applying any antiseptic like soframycin cream or just any cooling gel. Another great way to shape your eyebrows is by using simple makeup tools like an eyebrow pencil or angle brush which can be used to apply brown or black eyeshadow softly across the eyebrow in the shape you are looking at and then brushing the eyebrows with a spoolie brush to remove the excess shadow. It makes the eyebrows look very natural and fuller.

There a number of tools and products available in the market to help us get the perfect eyebrows.

My latest favourite is the Benefits Brow kit– It comes fully equipped with everything you need to fill, shape and set your brows. It also includes a high brow pencil highlighting brow stick, high brow pencil, some special eyebrow stencils so anyone can create a personalized brow shape.

Another great product for beautiful brows is the Mac brow sculpt– An elegant retractable pencil with an angled tip that coheres to the brow hair shaping, gently filling in with a matte colour.

For a more natural look go for the NYX eyebrow cake powder– helps you style your eyebrows.

Whichever product you use remember to choose a colour slightly lighter than the colour of your hair to get the closest shade to make your eyebrows look naturally beautiful.

Go out and tell the world “I might be an Imperfekt Beauty but my eyebrows are perfect”

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