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Waterproof Makeup For the Monsoon

Monsoon maybe looked on as the most romantic season by many. Looking at the rain falling from your windows, sipping a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home, listening to “singing in the rain” may sound as the most pleasant experience ever, wanting to actually step out in the rain and feel the droplets on your face. But alas!! Here ends your dream turning it into a nightmarish experience, because you are not ready for the heat and humidity it brings along. You are not prepared to stop the mascara trickling down your face and the foundation melting down so rather you find an alternative to look at your beautiful best even during monsoons.



Here are some tips and quick fixes which would help you not to kill your outdoor experience.

Get your base right

We have to remember before we choose to apply primer to our skin with a base product that we have to keep the time of the year also in mind as our skin reacts differently to different temperatures. The heat and humidity of the monsoons makes it sticky and if you have a problem of open pores it becomes even more visible. Totally avoid using a cream based product. Use a serum to moisturize the skin and use a very light liquid foundation over it. But the most important is to cover it with a powder base especially in the TZone area of the face because this is what will protect your base from melting away. Nothing better than the reliable Mac studio fix for this purpose which brings out your skin tone. It is fortified with a unique vitamin E formula to nourish your skin and give you a radiant look that lasts all day. It’s an all day mattifying effect due to the pure minerals visibly lightening the complexion while absorbing sweat and oil.



Let your eyes pop

What can be better to kill the gray gloominess of monsoons than popping bright Neon colours.

If you are using them for the eyes then go with matte powder eyeshadow in colour like turquoise, lime green, coral or fuchsia pink. Avoid any liners specially the gel or liquid ones. You can go for the matte felt pen variety which is matte and also comes in many colour varieties and it’s also waterproof. Finally enhance water proof mascara.



Give your eyebrows enhanced shape with powder based brow filler and let them stand out. Choose from the vibrant Hannea pro 35 E colour eyeshadow makeup palette which is waterproof and long lasting.

These super pigmented and durable eye shadows can be applied wet or dry to create different looks.



Blushing tones

Give a rosy flushed tint to your cheeks with a matte blush on. Avoid using heavy contouring with bronzers.

Forgo the highlighters completely, let the Milani rose powder blush, coral cove or the Tea rose create some magic and give you a petal perfect beauty that I’ll reach for again and again.



Luring lips

Finish your makeup with a neutral nude shade of lipstick. Give a tint of pink, coral or peach in the middle of the lips for luxuriant lips. Go for matte and the kiss proof variety rather than the cream or gloss based which can have a tendency to bleed in this weather making the makeup look tacky.

Time to go for the NYX professional makeup soft matte lip cream vault with 36 shades. To take your pick according to your mood.



Keep the sweat away

Try to create a look that is as clean and natural as possible. Keep a blotting paper or a soft puff handy to keep the sweat beads away by gently patting them and not wiping them.

Remove it gently

Learning to wear the perfect makeup is important but it is as important to remove it properly so as to leave the skin clean without a spec of impurities. Use makeup remover wipes such as the L’ORÉAL Paris ideal skin makeup removing towelettes, to remove the initial makeup because its gentle non drying formula and pro vitamin B5 helps protect against moisture loss. It refreshes and softens in a splash leaving you with a clean skin and visibly tightens pores too.

For those with a younger a more sensitised skin wash off the makeup with a light foamy face wash with salicylic acid especially if you are prone to acne and open pores and these problems occur mainly during humid weather. Be true to a night cleaning regime. Pat on some retinol serum and wake up looking fresh as a petal rather than looking like shiny crisp straight out of a frying pan. Chill out in the rain looking perfectly pretty for the rejuvenating rains.

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