Makeup Mistakes do’s dont’s, Foundation, Lipstick Eyelashes, To Avoid.

Makeup Mistakes

“Makeup is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it’s meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists”

If we remember this while applying makeup we will definitely keep away from some common Makeup Mistakes that people tend to make while applying makeup.

Today we are exposed to all kind of makeup and ways of applying it. There are so many beautiful products out in the market and we do get attracted to them wanting to have everything in our kit too.

But if we remember few right tips we definitely would not falter and use makeup in the right way.

In makeup you have to remember that what works for others may not work for you. Since, everyone has a different skin type. Our routines are different, the way our skin absorbs makeup is different, our makeup should work according to various factors like climate, occasion, time of the day, skin, condition/type, age, etc.

Let’s review some common mistakes:

Firstly we have to remember that our skin goes through changes as we age due to the hormonal changes our body goes through. It becomes drier, coarse and fine lines around eyes and mouth become prominent. Also the color of skin will undergo a change. So with age we have to change our foundations. We cannot continue the foundation which suited our youthful skin of years ago. We might need to apply two shades to even out discoloration.

Sure enough aging also makes the crowsfeet around our eyes and laugh lines around our mouth more prominent. But that doesn’t mean that we start applying heavy coats of foundation to hide our lines. If we go heavy on foundation it will only tend to enhance our lines and wrinkles making us look older than we are.It is a good idea to prep you up with a moisturizer or a 24k gold serum  like my favourite for the season the Farsali 24k gold serum for a natural glow. Finally use a setting spray like MAC Prep +Prime fix it spray, over the foundation  for a smooth and soft  finish giving the skin a hydrated feel and a lovely instant sheen ,also it wouldn’t allow the base to crack up. A cream formulation for the blush like Shiseido minimalist whipped powder blush instead of a powder blush stays for long enhancing the apple of the cheeks and ads to a youthful look.As far as possible the tear line should be left wide or white as adding Kohl to the tear line, will make the eyes look more squished and small. It’s better to do that on the edge of the tear line and then soften it with a blending pen brush.

We do not realize that the skin under our eyes is different than the rest of the face and try to use the same concealers or more concealers there to hide our dark circles. The skin under the eyes is actually 7 times more thinner than the rest of the skin so applying heavy coats of concealer will give a grey look to the area and make lines more visible. Instead apply a soft coat of red or orange cream corrector,choose the perfect shade from Dermacolor Kryolan camouflage cream and blend it with a foundation you are using for the rest of the face for the perfect tone.“When in doubt just add some glitter”- Coco Chanel

But wait! If you have lines or wrinkles around your socket and eyes then remember metallic summers and shadows will only draw more attention to our lines and wrinkles. Create a sparkle by adding the glitter only on the center of the socket and surrounding it with matte earthy shadow like terracotta or plum tones or Smokey shades. Bright colored like pinks, purples, bright blue only highlight age. Shimmery highlighter on brow bone also gives a harsh and mature look to your face.

“If you are sad, Add more lipstick and attack”

Yes lipstick does wonders to lift up your mood since it brightens your face immediately. I remember watching my mom getting ready for work when I was a little girl, I used to wait with a baited breath when she used to pull out that bright red lipstick and apply it. Her whole face seemed to light up and then she would use that same lipstick as a cream blush to highlight the apple of her cheeks by pat small dots and then just blending it with her moisturizer. How she would glow with that 2 steps makeup procedure. It was the magic of red lipstick. Today we have an unlimited color range of lipsticks available. But we have to choose correctly, according to our skin color, age and shape of the lips. If we have very thin lips very dark colors like brown, plums, burgundy will make it look thinner and our face will look more mature. It’s good idea to use soft peachy tones with gloss which make the lips look softer and plummer giving you a more youthful appearance.

As the latest trend is focusing a lot on eyelashes we all also tend to put up Mascara to create thick eyelashes. It is fine and as long as we restrict the exercise to our upper lashes but if we do the same to the lower lashes. It will create a shadow falling on our under eye and will give the appearances of dark circles so it is best to leave the lower lashes soft.

So go on and play along with your favourite makeup, embrace your contours as Bobbi Brown beautifully puts it that, we are all born with a certain face shape for a reason. It’s our identity and we shouldn’t feel any need to conceal it, always remember.

 “Beauty is power and Makeup is Something that enhances it”                 

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