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This statement doesn’t just stand true for today’s age and time but has been a fact for centuries. As in ancient Egypt, nails defined your status; lower classes wore pale colors, whereas high society painted their nails a reddish brown.

Though this may not be the case now, nails don’t define your social status but they do define your style, your fashion sense and your creativity.

So why restrict yourself this season to just plain nail lacquers. Let’s look at incorporating some fascinating new nail art trends of 2019 to your manicures.

1.HOLOGRAPHIC– For the creative people who appreciate subtle art forms. It’s a style to stay to wear on a day to day basis and something which will not interfere with your styling but only enhance it. Try out the nykaa unicorn potion nail enamel which gives your nails a mesmerizing dual toned look with an iridescent holographic finish.



2.COLORED FRENCH– Specially designed for the young and peppy at heart and age. You have a range of bright colors to select from. It’s a very sporty look and can be worn on a day to day basis. Choose from the neon bright shades which are long wearing and chip resistant from orly





3.GLASS– It’s a trend which has originated from Korea. In which very tiny pieces of cellophane is applied to give an illusion of broken glass and reflects light like a crystal and another type glass nails are created with transparent extensions to give the feel of clear glass.





4.MARBLE– This unique effect is created by dropping nail lacquer into clear water and creating a pattern on the surface of the water and then transferring it onto the nails by dipping the nails in water. You can create the marble effect by any kind of nail paint available in your stock.


5.TRIBAL– For the more nomadic gypsy at heart this a perfect option with patterns varying from half moons to tribal African print or Aztec nails with beads. They are mostly done in bright colors and strong black geometric lines and for those you need a nice gel finish black paint like the one from De BELLE


6.ANIMAL PRINT– Who doesn’t wish to show a wild side sometimes and there is no better way than emphasizing through animal prints like cheetah, leopard or zebra print created on your nails. You will find  jet black matte color  from tip tac toe range of sugar cosmetics very useful in creating the desired effects. The contrast of sheen base of neutral or nude shades from OPI with matte design In black or vice versa will help create a 3D animal design.

7.BEJEWELLED– This is the most favorite with ones who love to be glamorous at all times it adds glitz and grace to their look. The look is created through Swarovski stones, glitter powders, 3D art etc. The end result is nothing short of royal.


8.OMBRE– Adopted from the ever favorite hair coloring trend. Ombre is making waves in the nail art too. It can either be gradient from base to tip or vice versa it looks very cool, summery and sophisticated.


9.MATTE– This Gothic inspired nail art is the most sorted this season. It’s a perfect marriage of technology and glamour. Ranging from a variety of shades from the sophisticated nudes to olives to the trendy greys, blacks and dark blues. It is suitable for any occasion because of its flawless texture and express drying techniques. You can choose from a variety of qualities. Ranging from a simple nailpolish from brands like makeup mania or glam which offers simple matte ranges which are easy on your pocket and are self-use. They also have top coat which can change any regular nail paint to matte with a swish of specially designed matte top coat.

10.CHROME– It’s a style statement for the bold and the beautiful. Giving a metallic sheen and luster. They are as reflective as a mirror perfect for the festive season to carry with any look ethnic or modern. For a dIY chrome effect select from the beautiful collection of Beromt High shine, long lasting stay with a chip free finish.

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