Foundation Makeup Tips For Different Skin types, How to Apply, Products.

Know Your Foundations

“Good skin is definitely the best foundation for your makeup” but not all of us are so blessed. Makeup helps us not only to hide our flaws but also to enhance our assets.

Foundation helps to even out the skin texture by covering our flaws and unifying the skin tone. Foundation plays an important role in makeup, without a perfect base you can never achieve the perfect look but before we go on to choose the right foundation let’s not forget the advice of international makeup expert Francoise Nars- “Foundation should unify skin tone but it should not take away the individuality of the skin.”

Your foundation choice has to be personalized as in foundation there is no one size that fits all. It’s important to choose a foundation that balances the need for your particular skin type and skin concerns and matches your skin tone perfectly.


How to choose the perfect foundation

“Foundation” comes in various types with different functions. How does one differ from the next? Which one fits your skin type and preference? These questions may come up again and again. To select the best foundation, consider the finish you prefer, the season and any skin problems you may have at the moment. Here are some simple guidelines on how to find the perfect foundation and prime the skin for the season.

Choose according to skin type

Dry skin: Choose a cream or liquid foundation with a moisturizing sensation. We recommended you use Bobby brown or Mac.

Oily skin: Powder foundation with a matte-effect, use NYX mineral foundation.

Combined skin: Powder or liquid foundation with a high water content (at least 55%) or even a mousse foundation. We recommend you Shiseido future solution LX Total Radiance foundation.Choose your favourite finish:

If you favour a natural finish an emulsion type (liquid or cream) is best. Compared with powder foundation, emulsion types have a clear finish and spread well over the skin. Many types of emulsions are available, from matte to moist our favourite being Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.Matte finish foundations that come in liquid form are lightweight in texture and are easy to blend. They also hold back excess oily shine. It’s a safe choice for covering blemishes prone skin. In humid climates it stays on for much longer than other foundations but we have to be careful if the foundation is too matte as it can exaggerate flaky skin or wrinkles. So be sure to apply some moisturizer beneath this kind of a foundation.

Moisturising liquid foundations give a very natural look. They hydrate the skin without making it very greasy. It gives a satin matte finish and a youthful glow to your skin. Best for normal to dry skin but probably not the best choice for very oily skin.

If you’re looking for concealment pressed powder foundations to conceal better than emulsions, especially for blemishes and pores. Choose powder if you who want a rapid, easily achievable finish. Powder spreads simply and evenly with a sponge. These foundations are the best for retouching when you’re out and about. Excellent to use over a daytime moisturizer with SPF but this type of foundation is not very well suited for dry skin because it will exaggerate the dry areas and building coverage with it can look cakey or powdery after a while. We recommend you to use Temptu Pro Invisible Difference Finishing Powder.Choose the right type for the season

It’s also important to consider the season when choosing a foundation. Rising temperatures often come together with higher humidity and blaring sunlight. Humidity can make pores visible and cause makeup runoff, while strong UV can burn the skin. The best choice for summer is a longer-lasting foundation with high UV protection and good resistance to oil and perspiration.

For the hot summer day, it’s best to use a BB cream like L’Oréal Paris magic skin which nourishes, moisturizes and covers uneven skin tone and imperfections and also protects from harmful sun rays.

CC creams like L’Oréal Paris visible lift helps to correct colour and tone and addresses issues like redness or sallowness along giving protection from the sun with its SPF.

How to choose the best colour for your skin

To choose the perfect colour from the variety available we first have to understand our skin’s undertone which will help us identify our skin as WARM, COOL or NEUTRAL.

The best way to determine your skin’s undertone is by looking at the inside part of your arm. Where the underlying colour shows through fairly well, the giveaway is the colour of your veins. If your veins appear to be bluish or a deep purple you fall under the cool colour spectrum, if your veins appear greenish, you fall under the warm toned. Those with neutral undertones will have difficulty discerning either colour.

Several come as close as possible to your natural skin color. Ocher-based foundations tend to be most compatible with most skins, but a yellow-based foundation is best if you have a warm undertone.

You might opt for a pink-based type if your skin has a cool undertone. Select a colour that blends best with your natural skin color (the least noticeable color). Apply to the face line near the neck and then go on to blend along the neck area.

Applying base makeup that stays on

A small amount of effort when applying base makeup ensures long-lasting makeup wear and leaves the skin with a smooth finish, without conspicuous pores or roughness.
First, it is important to condition the skin with skin care products. After cleansing, gently spread a generous amount of lotion or face moisturizer onto the whole face and pat the skin until it feels refreshed. Follow it up with a light primer which is effective to firm the skin and control excessive oil secretion, which helps to prevent makeup runoff. Adjust the amount of emulsion or cream according to the skin condition, by applying less to oily areas such as the T zone.
Choose a long-lasting type of makeup base and foundation, and avoid thickly layered makeup by thinly spreading the foundation to the entire face and then adding more to problem areas. Use a pore concealer/minimizer to cover visible pores for an even more beautiful finish.
When using the liquid-type foundation, remove excess oil by pressing and patting the skin with the unused surface of a sponge after applying foundation. The makeup will last longer when carefully patting face powder on the areas prone to makeup runoff, such as under the eyes and around the nose.

All we have to remember as the famous designer Calvin Klein puts it-”The best thing is to look natural but it takes the perfect makeup to look natural”

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