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All About Mascara

“The only drama I enjoy is in my lashes”

Eyes are the windows to the soul and lashes are the perfect Pair of curtains. So let’s keep those lashes luscious. The most common and economical way to do so is by using mascara.
Mascara can help us darken, thicken, lengthen or define the eyelashes. Focus on the eye makeup has always been a priority for women, not just in the modern times but as far as historical evidence can take us we can see ancient women aesthetically adorn their eyes with kohl mainly made out of natural materials like charcoal and soot.
Eyelashes stand out as a very prominent part of the eyes. Darkening, thickening or lengthening them with mascara complete the eye makeup, giving it a more glamorous edge.
You can get Mascara in one of the three forms of liquid, cake or cream. The most widely used is the liquid form, although the mascara product has various formulas. Most contain the basic components of pigments, oils, waxes and preservatives.


Types of Mascara and Their Uses:
“I did not believe in a magic wand until I used a mascara wand”
Everyone looks to achieve a different look according to the shape, length and density of their eyelashes. Some like their lashes long and well brushed, others like it thick and dark, while some want only to enhance the corners and others might just want to give a feathered look. To fulfill everyone’s needs there are various kinds of mascara available in the market. We need to identify the various types of mascara wands and their uses to get the right one for the eyelashes we desire.

The mascara wand has 2 in 1 uses. You can apply your mascara as you normally would with a brush, then turn and use the tip to give the ends of your lashes an extra boost.
Best used for- Lengthening


The lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes often get left out. But with these tapered style brushes, the thinner ends ensure all your lashes get an even coating.
Best used for- Corner lashes


This spiraled brush will give you the perfect compromise between volume and curl. It lifts the lashes as you roll not losing out on the volume and giving you the right sized curl.
Best used for- Volume and Curl


Not only will a jumbo-sized mascara brush give you enhanced volume and thickness, it also take half the time to apply it.
Best used for- Thickening


A rectangular brush won’t get into Every books and corner but the shorter, squared off bristles will stretch and pull your lashes to new levels of volume and length.
Best used for- Volume and Length



Mascara Hacks and Things To Know About

– You must always keep your eyes open while applying your Mascara,
– Although Mascara brushes need to be replaced every 3-4 months. The hack to make them last longer is to add a few drops of Visine/ eye drops to your dried Mascara brush and rub the wand around the insides,
Keep the wand of your expired mascara and use it as a spoolie to groom your eyebrows,
– To turn up the volume of your eyelashes, use baby powder and a cotton swab before the application to get that perfect lush look,
– Moisturize your lashes with a moisturizer and keep it out of your eyes,
– Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

– Wipe off the excess Mascara with a tissue to prevent clumps,
– Using old Mascaras can cause infections such as a pink eye, due to the bacteria that spread between the Mascara wand and your eye,
– Dispose your Mascara every 3 months,
– Do not use a curler after applying mascara.


Favourite Choices
Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl
Chanel Le Volume de Chanel
Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express
Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara


Expert Opinion
Makeup Maestro Vipul Bhagat comments “without mascara your eyelashes look fuller and makeup looks incomplete. So to give a complete touch to your eyes, it is very important to wear Mascara so that you can groom and enhance your face in the best way”

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