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Travel Makeup

The holiday season is definitely the most relaxing time of the year. It’s Stress-free, worry-free, a fun time, a time to feel and look radiant.

To look resplendent for all the numerous selfies against the picturesque locations. We have to be picture perfect, but wait you are travelling and you are restrained on time. Certainly can’t spend hours getting your makeup right, worse still there are inhibitions about carrying too many makeup products or tools because there are always restrictions on weight and products you can carry in your check-in luggage

No fret you can travel lightweight with compact, handy and multifunctional makeup products and yet be your glamorous best, ready for some appreciative glances.

Here is a list of few basic products you need to complete your look:

1. Carry a moisturising cream if you are going to a cold place or a water/ gel based serum if you are going to a warmer place. They would also work as a primer for the makeup and make your face look supple and nourished.



2. Use a BB cream or CC cream with some colour tint and high SPF to act both as sun protection and a foundation. It would give you coverage and protection, try the L’Oréal Paris magic skin beautifier BB cream in green colour. Which is also anti-redness it primes, hydrates, corrects, evens and blend in seamlessly for a perfect finish.



3. Follow it up with a compact to give a slightly baked effect. The Kryolan professional makeup powder plus foundation studio fix compact comes in super handy its high quality, long lasting and perfect for shine control.



4. A small pot of cream blusher and a cream bronzer comes in very handy during trips. You can multi-use it as a blush, eye shadow and lip tint. Giving you the spunky sun-kissed look. Bronzers also come in stick forms which help in an easy application and gives perfect contours. Let the benefit Hoola contour stick do the magic it has a longer wand, cream to powder formula and blends seamlessly. It also has a mini travel size option. Keep handy sponge blender to blend in the cream blusher or bronzer. Powdery makeup palettes tend to break during travel in the rough luggage handling sometimes and can mess up the makeup bag.



5. Colored eye pencils are great to keep in your travel kit. As they are super easy to apply and easy to carry around, you can wear them in different styles every day to create varied looks by wearing it thick, thin, winged or simply blend them with a Q-tip or a blending pen brush. A perfect choice would be Colorbar just smokey Kajal pencils. They are long lasting. They give us 3 in1 benefits of an eyeliner, Kajal and an eye shadow. It comes with a built-in smudge which can be used to demystify the art of Smokey eyes. The intended purpose adds definition and drama to your eyes and the icing on the cake is that it’s waterproof so you won’t sweat it out; it’s a perfect travel companion.



6. Waterproof lengthening and voluminizing mascara would never let you down. It just opens up the eye. Giving it just the sparkle you need to shine out. You can also bring it to multitask by helping it to tame your eyebrows on the go. The L’Oréal double extension waterproof mascara can just be what you want with two wands. One which gives a fibreceutic extension to the lashes and the other end which voluminizes it.



7. Lip balm/ lip gloss, for those luscious lips to stay fresh and keep you away from carrying a dry chapped looked which would make you look tired and drained out. A little splash of gloss can revive you out from your tired traveller avatar and turn you around to a travelling Diva. I have rooted for the Carmex lip balm for a long time. The camphor and menthol present in the product soothe it making it feeling cool and providing a long lasting protective barrier. Making the lips look supple and hydrated.



8.Root touch spray, something which the post-40s with greying roots are so thankful for. The grey roots generally start appearing from the hairline and can be a real spoiler during a long holiday. Your definitely in no mood to go hunting for a salon at such a stressful time touch up spray like the L’Oréal Paris instant root concealer spray flawlessly in its lightweight and it’s rich colour pigments give you perfectly blended coverage it comes in many shades so you can match your shade perfectly? they with a single washever.



9. As a Serum we recommend an Argan oil for this purpose as not only would it control the frizziness of the hair keeping those dry fliers in place, but also keep the skin smooth, hydrated and glowing. So you can find its use as a body oil too. The varying temperature and water of the new place we travel to can cause the hair to dry and frizz out, making the skin dry and dull. So a serum like Moroccan oil which is infused with antioxidant-rich Argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins can be used as a styling, conditioning and finishing tool. Leaving you with nourished, manageable and smooth hair. Helps to bring out the shine and lustre back giving you a groomed look.




10.Dry shampoo, a must have for short trips or places which have hard water as shampooing with it tends to ruin the texture. Making it sticky and greasy, dry shampoo would revive the freshness of the scalp and hair, helping it to retain your blow-dried look for longer periods. I would recommend you the Bblunt back to life dry shampoo which instantly absorbs excess grease and grime, revamping your hair in seconds.



Hence, with the minimal makeup and hair products which are super manageable and fuss-free. You can make heads turn as you explore new grounds, looking and feeling great.


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