Voluminous Haircuts, Tips, Boost Growth, How To Increase Hair Volume.

Voluminous Hair

Who doesn’t aspire to have a thick voluminous mane of hair for your “hair is a crown you never take off”, It is a very major part of your personality. Gone are the days when people wanted slick straight hair and being groomed meant having your hair straightened.
The current hair trend is all about natural hair with a movement which immaculate life. Let your hair speak volumes.
There are various ways with which you can achieve volume in your hair in the fastest way or instant volume in your hair without the use of products:

1. Change your parting and do it on the opposite side of your usual side to create volume at the crown
2. Back brush or backcomb your hair slightly at the roots using a narrow backcomb brush at the roots to create volume at the top
3. Tease the hair by pushing it slightly from the bottom upwards with a tail comb to create volume at the bottom
4. Blow dry upside down and pushing your hair with a paddle brush in the direction opposite to its growth
5. Sleep in a bun, open it in the morning to find the natural volume in your hair
6. Tie a ponytail on the top of your head. Divide it into 5-6 sections and tong the sections with the help of a tong or an iron. Remove the rubber band by simply cutting it and your hair will fall in a beautiful volume in just minutes
7. Put your hair in hot rollers, start by taking a section equal to the height and the width of the roller. Start with the thickest roller at the front hairline placing it horizontally and then gradually moving on till your nape. While decreasing the thickness of the roller as we move along placing them parallel to the first roller and finally ending on the sides placing the rollers vertically behind the ears. Keep them for 30-45mins for best results.
8. Crimp your roots or the top to create volume in the required areas
9. If you don’t want to use much heat in your hair. Take small sections of slightly damp hair. Swirl them in a roll with the help of your fingers and pin them on the top of your head. Dry them with the help of a dryer carefully not blowing hair, open the pins when fully dry and voila!!
10. Scrunch your hair from the tip going towards the roots. In an empty spray bottle. Mix a spoon of Aloe Vera gel with a tablespoon of sea salt. Add water and shake the mixture. Spray it while scrunching your hair and leave it to dry. To be the perfect tousled voluminous beachy hair.


Haircuts To Increase Volume In Fine Hair:

Keeping your hair in one length will never help growing its volume it’s only going to make it look limper.
Regardless of the length, you want to maintain, the first step to create volume in your mane would be to get a haircut that would involve layers. If you have waist length hair go for inverted long layers, If you want volume at the crown like an inverted square which adds more layers at the top and if you’re ends are thin go for a square layered haircuts which would give you more layers at the bottom. Similarly, for short hair uptown the nape angled Bob, graduated Bob and round haircuts are the perfect solution.

Suitability To The Face:

Round It’s one and probably the only face shape that doesn’t work well with voluminous hair. Since creating volume in the area around the face will add to the broadness of the face and create an imbalance but that doesn’t mean people with the round face are only destined to thin hair. They can go for layers from mid-length to ends like in a square layered haircut or inverted long layers. Also adding a graduated layer in the front just falling about the chin level can give a little camouflage to the roundness in a sleeker way giving an edgier shape to the face.

Oval Face- one of the most blessed shape since it’s more balanced and can carry most of the hairstyles. A voluminous hairstyle with square layers falling below the shoulders can work the best for this face shape. Adding some bangs or a side fringe can add is little oomph factor to the hairstyle.

Oblong Face- to balance out this kind of face shape you can add volume to the hair with super layered round layers cut or a cut with back square layers which gives the face a square frame thus balancing out the length.

Square Face- it would be a nice idea to give some volume on the top and narrowing down the volume towards the mid-length and the end. So for this kind of hair, a graduated Bob with the front cut longer at an angle or an inverted back layers haircut would be ideal because it will visually cut out the prominent jaw area in such a face shape.

Heart Face- this face shape is normally very balanced. Volume starting from the chin down towards the shoulder and back can work well for someone with a heart-shaped face.

Create Voluminous Hairstyles With Various Tools & Products:

1.Tongs in different sizes and shapes
2.Round brushes
2.Curling iron
5.Backcomb brushes
8.Salt spray
9.Dry shampoo
10.Root spray

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