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Get Your Hair back in Shape this Summer

The Heat is on

“Hair is the crown you always want to wear with an aplomb” but is it a reality? Most of us feel it’s not possible. As much as we try summers don’t feel the perfect time to have good hair days. The heat, sweat, dust are the predominant factors during summers which leave our hair dull, lifeless and dry. But it’s time to get it back into shape.

Let’s find out how the coolers that help our body cool off in the summer heat can also bring our hair back to life.A balanced diet and right treatments will pave the way for healthy hair.

Cool as a Cucumber Massage We can always rely on the cool cucumber to give relief during the hot summers be it to our body or hair.

Aloe Vera Pulp If proteolytic enzymes repairs dead skin cells. It’s a great conditioner which makes the hair smooth and shiny, promotes hair growth, prevents it chirp and reduces dandruff.

‘An Apple a Day Apple benefits for hair. Eating an apple prevents hair loss, since its skin is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which help in increasing blood circulation to the scalp hence increasing hair growth B–6 Vitamin produces Melanin for hair color and reduces premature graying.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar or apple juice helps to balance P++ levels of the hair, removing build-up grease, making hair shiny, smooth and easy to manage.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Aloe Vera Gel + Honey Spray Conditioner Conditions hair and gives it smoothness shine and easy to manage.

Lemon Juice Rich source of vitamin C makes hair long and strong. It strengthens hair follicles and reduces hairfall, It adds life to dull frizzy hair.

Avacado Helps to sooth the scalp and promotes long, strong, healthy hair rich in fatty amino acids retains the moisture of hair and is Rich in Vitamin B, which helps hair growth.

Hibiscus Flowers They stimulate hair growth, revive dormant hair follicles in bald patches and even prevents premature graying also conditions prevents dryness, frizz, and breakage, preventing split ends. It’s a natural method to accentuate red color or highlights in your hair.Curd Makes hair healthy, silky and helps to overcome dandruff, reaps scalp infections at bay.

Shampooing Techniques Our shampooing regime is of great importance, but we have to understand that shampoo is meant for our scalp and not for our hair. To understand which shampoo to use we have to understand the quality of our scalp dry, greasy, flaky, dandruff or normal and choose our product accordingly. When we pick up a bottle from a professional range it is always mentioned on the bottle which type of scalp it is meant for. For our hair we should choose the right conditioner again we have to understand the quality of hair whether it’s thick, thin, breaking, falling, frizzy etc. and relate to the conditioner type which solves this problem. Here are some great summer shampoo potions which can relieve you of your scalp issues.

Shampoo Potions:

1) 2tsp Shampoo + 1tsp Lemon Juice Will clear your scalp of dandruff.

2) 1 tbsp of Shampoo + 1 aspirin Helps to cut greaseness of the scalp.

3) 1 tbsp of Shampoo + 3-4 drops of Chamomik Oil Will help use in taming hair.

4) 2 tbsp Shampoo + Lavender Oil Make the hair smooth and heals dry scalp.

5) Shampoo + Aloe Vera Juice Enhances hair growth from the roots.

6) Shampoo + Apple Vinegar Cuts frizz, helps in fighting static hair.

7) Shampoo + Rose Water Helps to restore the structure of the hair making it manageable and soothes itchy scalp giving it a cool feel.

Daily Care Extra tip: Swimming is the most preferred exercise in summers but it ruins our hair, because of the chlorine in water who salts dry the hair. Before jumping in the pool apply conditioner to your hair and wear a swimming cap. Rinse off after your swim.


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