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“It’s just not your Hair Colour it’s your state of mind”

Hair colouring has evolved from being a basic necessity for men and women who were not willing to show their Grey’s to being a fashion statement. People want to flaunt it like clothes or jewellery.

It’s no more restricted to just colouring your roots to hide the Gray’s. It’s become more of a personality trait which defines your style.Let’s look at 5 colouring techniques trending in 2019 which give you kickass results and the best part is that you can customise it to suit your taste.

1.BALAYAGE This a free hand colouring technique introduced to us by the French. It involves the minimum usage of tools. It involves Painting the colour using vertical strokes. It is an ideal technique to go with when you are looking for soft natural subtle highlighting in your hair, giving it a sun kissed look. Its process is much quicker than streaking or highlighting with foils etc. And low maintenance since Balayage has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than the traditional colouring techniques. The best part about this technique is that it doesn’t involve saturate your hair in bleach or colour due so it would cause less damage and dryness to the hair and the icing on the cake is that with this one technique you can cover your Grey’s and yet get soft highlights in the hair too as the technique involves mixing of shades rather than using one colour all over like in the global technique.

2.PEEK A BOO HIGHLIGHT When we colour our hair. Our main concerns are the health of the hair so often we curb our desire to go for bright colours. But wait there is a way you can spice up your look yet not play with the health of the hair. Peek a boo highlights might just be what you are looking for. They are coloured highlights that are concealed by the top layer of your hair. They can be added at the back of the hair, in the bangs or at the sides. The colour choice is varied. You can make the combination with your hair colour subtle or a bright contrast. You can even unleash your wild side and play with neon and pastels. It looks the best for short hairdos which doesn’t go beyond the shoulders. But again there is no fixed rule when it comes to hair colour. Go for something which complements your personality and which u can maintain well.

3.OMBRE and SOMBRE Ombre meaning shaded or shading is style of hair colouring unlikely Balayage which is a hair colouring technique. It is generally darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter from the mid shaft towards the ends. You can create endless combinations of colours to create this look from chocolate to walnut, plum to vine or even black to silver. It looks good in all kinds of hair lengths but comes out the best in mid back length hair. It definitely suits all kinds of hair textures though whether it’s curly, wavy or straight. It’s a good idea however, to add a few strokes of highlights throughout the hair before going for ombre in straight hair to show a smooth transition or face in colour. Although OMBRE looks seems to be one of the best colour choices since it gives u so much variation yet it has its cons. In order to achieve either an ultra blonde in the end hair or a bright shade like purple, blue, red, etc most of the times the hair has to be bleached and bleaching causes damage by pulling the hair shaft and cuticle apart resulting in dry and damaged hair. SOMBRE colour as the name suggests is a softer version of ombre. It’s subtle so the hair doesn’t have to bleached hard, giving the hair more soft and natural feel.

4.RIBBON HIGHLIGHTS it’s the latest term in the world of hair colour. It adds depth and dimensions to the hair since it’s just concentrated in the ends but goes through the entire length starting right from the gets it to name because of the evenness of the highlights making it look like ribbons twisting in the hair. Specially adding a beautiful touch when the hair is curled or waved. You can choose one or more colour for the highlights. It adds a lot of texture to the hair emanating a lot of volume. It’s mostly done with the foiling technique and you can choose whether to bleach the hair first or not by choosing a colour which is directly achievable from your base colour. You Can even go for contrasting colours to your base colour to give very defined look.

5. FADED PASTELSORA SOLID BRUNETTE 2 totally contrasting but very strong looks. Both are edgy and getting rave reviews on the fashion circuit. Faded pastels is the choice of the grey woman who wants to stand out in her powder blue or baby pink hair. Who loves herself more than anything else and is not afraid to show it. Solid brunette, on the other hand, has made a comeback. It’s for the boss lady who exudes power. There I risk of hair getting dry and damaged if not treated well in case of faded pastels so it’s advisable to carry the look more in the shorter crop or pixie styles but whereas in case of the dark brunette no such risk is involved and the hair looks healthy and shiny.

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