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Clocking Up More Good Hair Days

Most women know that a bad hair day is a real thing and the ones who don’t are probably the practical ones who have a nice short crop. I’ve had long to mid-length hair most of my life and wouldn’t recognize myself otherwise. That, unfortunately, means a lot more maintenance work and a lot more experimenting with hair care products to find the hero of the moment, more so because my hair is moody and keeps changing personality rather then from mere enthusiasm.

So one of my friends told me about this Italian haircare brand, she said I must try it! My first reaction was that it couldn’t be better than the luxurious (translate to expensive) French brand I was using at the time. But the word “must try” is my drug, I immediately google, find out where to buy and make that my new mission. Sometimes it all falls flat, just like my hair. However, this time I got lucky, I discovered the brand Davines. When I went to Liberty’s in London, the closest sales point to where I was staying at the time, I confessed to salesgirl that I had no clue about the brand but was willing to try whatever she recommends for me. After going through the routine of asking me what my concerns were, she chose the Davines OI All In One Milk as my initiation into the brand. She said it would work really well on my fine, highlighted hair, it would make it softer and control flyaways and frizz.

The first time I used the product, I sprayed it directly onto my washed, conditioned and towel dried hair. About 3-4 spritz was enough for my length of hair, I worked it through with my finger. The first thing that hits you is the fragrance and I don’t mean that negatively, I actually found it pleasant but some people may think its too strong for a hair product but the smell really doesn’t last too long. Anyway as I ran my fingers through my damp hair I noticed that it detangled the strands really easily, after which I proceeded to blast dry. The end result was my hair looked smooth, shiny and silky, to sum it up it looked healthy, its like anti-aging for your hair! The product didn’t make my fine hair limp or flat which is really a big deal for every woman with fine hair. My friend who first suggested Davines to me has thick, wavy hair and she says it works really well on her hair as well. Since then I’ve asked 3 more of my friends to try the product and they’ve made it part of their haircare maintenance program so I guess I can conclude its an all-round product that can be used on basically all textures of hair with pleasing results.

I make it a point to try a product not just once but over a period of time to be able to draw conclusions. There’s no way I would make a judgement from a sample or two unless I specified I was only commenting on first impressions. Some products work as a temporary fix and others have a longterm effect which could be either negative or positive. Since I started to use the OI All In One Milk by Davines and used it for a month continuously, all else being equal, I found that it was so beneficial that even if I didn’t blow dry my hair all the time, I was still happy with the air-dried results and breakage seemed to be less of an issue. The real test was whether it held its own in the humidity of Mumbai when I returned and was really relieved that it lived up to my expectations considering I’d hoarded some stock to take back (No need to do that since it now available in India thankfully!) It’s a premium product worth the price, it works a lot harder than some of the luxurious priced haircare products that I’ve experienced.

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