June Birth Flower Rose Paris YSL Perfume Review.

YSL Paris The Ideal Birthday Fragrance For June

The queen of flowers, the majestic rose, is the birth flower of the month of June. Roses symbolize love and romance in the language of perfumery.

When thinking about what perfume to review for this month, I thought of many now very fashionable soliflor fragrances, dedicated to the scent of roses. After going back in my olfactory memories I decided to review a grand classic rose fragrance, that I always thought of being one of the ultimate rose fragrances of all times. I have to admit I am a bit biased towards this fragrance because its name and scent evokes thoughts of one of my most beloved cities in the world. La ville des lumières, the city of lights and romance: PARIS!!!



When Yves Saint Laurent imagined this fragrance in 1983 he wanted to pay hommage to the glamorous capital and to the Parisiennes. And the nose behind the fragrance Sophia Grojsman did the unimaginable putting the essence of the city in a bottle, with all its panache, romance and joie de vivre. Paris is as far as I am concerned beautiful in all seasons but particularly enchanting in Spring and this heavenly scent smells just like it, with its fresh and sweet, but never oppressive interpretation of the ideal rose bouquet. Just delightful. Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris is a rose-based scent, that with the help of other notes like violet,  hyacinth and heliotrope, puts you in an instant mood of bliss, happiness and lightness of being just like its namesake city. How can a fragrance do that? To find out I strongly suggest to generously use this olfactory gem and get ready to experience la vie en rose!

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