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The 3 New Louis Vuitton Fragrances

California Dreaming

Did you know that the House of Louis Vuitton has actually been creating fragrances since 1927. Famously the first known fragrance that was created in 1927 was called “L’heure d’absence”, the hour of absence.

In 2016 the fragrance section of Louis Vuitton was brought to new life and this month I was delighted to discover the 3 new scents added to the collection inspired by the pleasures of the State of California.

For the first time, Louis Vuitton has forayed in the world of unisex perfumes with “les parfums de cologne” and Sun Song, Cactus Garden, and Afternoon Swim and distinctively different.

Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the nose behind these 3 little treasures and in house Parfumeur to Louis Vuitton wanted to create a light and airy scents, and light and airy are terms that come immediately to my mind when I think of scents that I would associate with the American west coast. At the same time choosing to give the description “Parfums de Cologne” also evokes a definite depth of fragrance, so I was all the more intrigued to get my hands on Louis Vuitton’s newest babies!

Sun Song, Cactus Garden, and Afternoon Swim – already the names without even getting a whiff of the fragrance transports you to the relaxed atmosphere of sun-drenched afternoon by the pool in California.

Let’s discover the 3 deliciously refreshing scents now.

Sun Song

Orange blossom, the sweet intensity and yet fresh nature if this in Unique flower opens up Sun Song. The following accord of lemon that mingles with the surprising creaminess of musk is the olfactory novelty of this a summer and sunshine blend of aromas. I felt as if a ray of sunshine hit me when I first experienced Sun Song and it’s my recommendation for a must-have fragrance this summer!

Cactus Garden

Now how do you expect a Cactus garden to smell? I was pondering over this and came to the conclusion the all I could think of was a herbal freshness cutting through soaring heat. That was until I tried Cactus Garden! I was right with the freshness, but this fragrance is exotic and yes, yet again unexpected. It opens with notes of the South American maté tea, which has a pronounced smokiness to it and blend exquisitely with the following accords of bergamot and finally the refreshing notes of lemongrass. No sweetness in here but a finely layered fragrance that invites you again and again to rediscover.

Afternoon Swim

Again I felt myself wondering what olfactory associations this name would lead me too. Aquatic would be far to easy for such a Genius like Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. So I dropped this idea and honestly was left clueless of what to expect. Let me enlighten you off what I experienced. Afternoon Swim feels like drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange and mandarin juice with a slice of lemon. This fragrance is full of citrusy delight and feels very energetic with the element of bergamot and the slightest hint of ginger. Definitely fruity, uplifting summer fragrance, that’s not to miss.

The vibrant packaging, where Louis Vuitton collaborated with Los Angeles artist Alex Israel, who accordingly created artwork on the Louis Vuitton Flaconier that represents the essence of this fragrance collection, will have Louis Vuitton collector’s hearts beating higher.

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