Christian Dior Diorissimo Perfume, Scents Collection Floral Fragrance.

The Birthday Fragrance Series

Lily of The Valley
One of my favourite flowers is our star of the month the delicate and royal Lily of Valley, which symbolizes purity, tenderness, love and faith.

Having spent nearly 20 years of my life in Paris, I just adore the French tradition of offering small bouquets of Lily of The Valley on 1st May to people you love. The tradition French king Charles IX brought this tradition to live in 1561.

I can hardly imagine a more spring-like scent than this green and sweet precious little twig.
In perfumes The Lily of The Valley is a very popular addition to give freshness and uniqueness to white florals, as well as being widely used in Soliflores, fragrances that concentrate on a single flower only.

Among the armada of Lily of The Valley fragrances scents stand out:

Diorissimo- The Icon

Christian Dior’s favourite flower was our Birth Flower of the month, it even inspired his whole Spring collection of 1954. You will find the flower until today to be a fil rouge at the house of Dior, very much so in their jewellery too.

Diorissimo is Monsieur Dior’s olfactive homage, a perfume that has become the classic Lily of The Valley fragrance Par excellence. In 1956 Edmond Roudnitska created this compelling perfume, which is almost a soliflore, far ahead of its time. The opening is very rich and deep due to the presence of ylang-ylang, but it never feels heavy but at all times airy and light, which is a contradiction in itself. The lush lily of The Valley note which is so crisp, that you can nearly feel the dewdrops on the flower, takes over almost instantly.

If ever there was a fragrance that combines all the freshness and promise of spring in a bottle and is

Extremely satisfying on an emotional level it has to be Diorissimo!



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