Best Summer Perfumes Review, Tom Ford Soleil Blanc, Fragrance

Tom Ford’s Glamourous Summer Scent

Summer Time Favourites Part I

Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc fully lives up to its sun evoking summery name and it opens with the brightness of bergamot and orange blossom with undertones of cardamom.

The intoxicating heart of the fragrance adds wonderful freshness with a green jasmine accord. A subtle hint of sweetness is infused by Tuberose and ylang-ylang.


The dry down with is very comforting and rounds up the scent with Tonca bean, vanilla and amber. The longevity is genius with 10 hours+

Tom Ford’s glamorous Summer Scent envelopes you like a second skin and is refreshing and sensuous at the same time. I love to use the fragrance along with the Shimmering Body Oil for warm Summer Nights. So if you are still looking for your perfect Perfume companion this Summer Soleil blanc just might be your Summer love.

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