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The Imperfekt Beauty Team has worked with Bollywood stars, top models and celebrities for fashion shows, television, advertising and magazine shoots. We bring you the latest make-up trends, product reviews, and great tips so you can enjoy experimenting and creating your own individual looks. The team at Imperfekt beauty has worked with the top celebrities and the best brands on a wide range of cosmetics products. They have ideas ranging from the natural looks you desire to the professional looks you aspire. Keep yourself in line with latest on that/the new makeup kit/kits on the market. They are here to talk about the makeup set that works for you

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Add a bit of sass with the latest nail art designs of 2019.

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Waterproof Makeup For the Monsoon

You haven't monsoon-proofed your life if you're still stuck with makeup products that take less than a drizzle to wash away.

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Travel Makeup

Minimal makeup for the stylish traveller.

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Red Makeup Looks, Eyeliners, Lips, Tips, Eye, Trends, Styles.

Gimme red

You fall in love with the color Red. It is the only color which evokes the true spirit of Valentines.

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Metallic Makeup Looks, Highlighters, Ideas, Branded Products, Face, Lips.

Get your sparkle on with Metallic Makeup

This season is high on metallic shades, it’s the 80’ s trend making a comeback with a new avatar.

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Destination Wedding Makeup Ideas, Kit, Bridal Looks, Styles, Design, Tips.

The Perfect Bridal Look For Destination Weddings

Weddings are no more about just a union of two souls, It’s about the special fairytale moments.

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Christian Louboutin Lipstick, Makeup Shades,Velvet Matte, Colour.

My favorite new way to wear Louboutin- On my lips

A treat opening the box to find the lipstick in the form of the signature Louboutin spike in solid metal with a crown lid and a ribbon threaded through the top, turning the lipstick into a pendant.

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