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The Imperfekt Beauty Team has worked with Bollywood stars, top models and celebrities for fashion shows, television, advertising and magazine shoots. We bring you the latest make-up trends, product reviews, and great tips so you can enjoy experimenting and creating your own individual looks. The team at Imperfekt beauty has worked with the top celebrities and the best brands on a wide range of cosmetics products. They have ideas ranging from the natural looks you desire to the professional looks you aspire. Keep yourself in line with latest on that/the new makeup kit/kits on the market. They are here to talk about the makeup set that works for you

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Add a bit of sass with the latest nail art designs of 2019.

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Waterproof Makeup For the Monsoon

You haven't monsoon-proofed your life if you're still stuck with makeup products that take less than a drizzle to wash away.

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Travel Makeup

Minimal makeup for the stylish traveller.

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Eyebrows Makeup Tips 2019, Tricks, How to Get, Shape, Best, NYX, MAC.

Your Best Brows

Demystifying the best shape for your face.

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Foundation Makeup Tips For Different Skin types, How to Apply, Products.

Know Your Foundations

“Foundation” comes in various types with different functions. How does one differ from the next? Which one fits your skin type and preference?

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Holi Makeup Looks Beauty Color Trends & Tips, Advantages, Features.

Boldly be a Pop of Colour in a Black and White World

Show your true colours by following these beauty tips this Holi.

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Mascara Uses, Types of Mascara, How to Apply, Benefits, Makeup Tips.

All About Mascara

Tips and tricks on how to use Mascara efficiently. Know about the different types of Mascara.

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