PERFUME Most Popular Brands, Types, Best Seasonal Fragrance Review


The Imperfekt Beauty Team reviews new fragrances from your favourite brands and we’re always scouting for new and niche brands that could become your favourites. The team at IMPERFEKT BEAUTY reviews the latest perfumes of top brands. They are up to date with the best new colognes and scents that have recently launched in the Fragrances market. Whether the perfect fragrance for you is natural, fine or clean they can find what works well for you.

Top Stories

The Star of the Month, Dolce Floral Drops

This month’s birthday flower is the water lily which represents undying love and courage in the language of flowers.

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Tom Ford’s Glamourous Summer Scent

Scents that beat the heat.

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YSL Paris The Ideal Birthday Fragrance For June

The Queen of flowers, the majestic rose, is the birth flower of the month of June.

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Other Stories From Fragrance

Louis Vuitton Unisex Perfumes, Men & Women Fragrance, Cologne

The 3 New Louis Vuitton Fragrances

Transports you to the relaxed atmosphere of a sun drenched afternoon by the pool in California.

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfumes, Floral Fragrance Long Lasting Scents.

The Birthday Fragrance Series

Everything's coming up Daisies.

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Joy Jean Patou eau de parfum, Fragrance by LVMH, Luxury Perfume.

Perfumes that made History

There are 10,600 flowers required, including 10,600 jasmine flowers and 336 roses, harvested from the Jean Patou Flower fields in Grasse, just to make one bottle of “Joy” perfume.

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Celebrity Perfumes & Fragrance, Kate middleton, Princess Diana.

Très Royale- Signature Scents of Royal Style Icons

Your favourite fragrance is a truly intimate detail for the choice of perfume reveals a great deal about the person wearing it.

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